Dog Ear Infection – Those Smelly Ears Are Telling

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Dog Ear Infection – Those Smelly Ears Are Telling

Dog ear

Dog ear infection is a common health condition in dogs. It is estimated that at least 20% of the canine population suffers from this condition. Its second name is Otis external due to the fact that the infection often occurs in the external auditory canal. Animal rights activists sometimes wonder if their dog has an ear problem. They see the dog scratching his ears and shaking his head violently. Still, they don’t find earwax when they examine your pet’s ears.

It’s true. Sometimes an infected dog’s ear appears clean without excessive dirt

or discharge from the ear. However, the ear may have a bad odor. This is a sign of an ear infection.

Some pets show no symptoms of an ear infection. The ear problem was only

detected during a regular checkup by the vet. The vet likely discovered the

infection in its early stages before the physical symptoms were apparent to pet owners.

Also, our dogs have different pain and discomfort thresholds. Some dogs

whine at the slightest disturbance; while others remain resilient even when in pain.

In fact, a dog’s smelly ear may be the first thing you notice when the ear canal is infected.

Dog Ear Infection

Bad odor from the ear can indicate a bacterial or fungal infection. Dog ear

infection can cause your pet itching and pain.

A yeast infection usually produces brown or black ear discharge,

while a bacterial infection has yellow ear discharge.

Malaysia Pachyderms is the most common yeast associated with ear infections.

It can cause serious ear and skin infections.

Both yeast and bacteria thrive in the warm, dark, and humid environment of the ear canal.

These microorganisms multiply rapidly when there is excess moisture or when wax

builds up in the ear canal, resulting in an ear infection.

Dog ear infection can be cured if properly diagnosed and treated early.

Dog’s Ears Health

So Don’t leave an outer ear infection untreated. The infection could spread to

the middle ear and inner ear. So This can cause irreversible damage to the eardrum,

the balance structure and the nerve center of the ear.

Here’s a simple tip for keeping your dog’s ears a health pink color.

Make sure your dog’s ears are clean and dry to avoid infection from dog urine.

Clean your pet’s external ear canal 1-2 times a week. So Use an ear cleaning solution that

contains powerful antibacterial and anti fungal properties. It should help change the

pH of your pet’s ear to counteract the overgrowth of yeast and bacteria.

So There are several different ear cleaning products that you can use to prevent an ear

infection in dogs. So They are available through your vet, pet supply store, or you can

use a natural remedy to keep your dog’s ears healthy.

Choose an ear cleaning solution that works for your dog and is easy to use so

that you and your pet agree to stick with the ear cleaning routine.

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