Staying on Top of Your Pet’s Ear Infections

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Staying on Top of Your Pet’s Ear Infections

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Your pet’s ear infections can be a very serious condition with serious consequences. Additionally, your pet may also develop an ear mite attack, which will ensure that your pet is restless. Ear mites spread quickly and can be transmitted even by brief physical contact with other animals. One of the warning signs may be that your pet is constantly scratching its ears and / or shaking its head.

A medical ointment is used to treat ear mites by cleaning the inside of your pet’s ears. However, most of the over-the-counter solutions sold to treat ear mites can be less effective than a prescription you can get from your vet. Also, if you have more than one pet in your household, you may want to consider treating all of your pets for ear mites in an effort to prevent an attack from spreading to all of your pets.


Otis external is characterize by an infection of the outer ear and ear canal. Otitis external is

most often caused by bacteria or yeast buildup in the ear canal. However, a buildup of earwax,

tangled hair, or a foreign body can also prevent proper drainage from the ear. Also, a foul-smelling

thick black or brown discharge may accompany your pet’s ear infection.

Pet’s Ear Infections


Otis media is an infection of the middle ear. In otitis media, the ear is infected or clog

with fluid behind the eardrum. Improper cleaning of your pet’s ears, accumulation of dirt

or foreign bodies can also contribute to a middle ear infection. Also, chronic ear infections

can be the result of an allergy your pet has developed to an environmental or dietary allergen.

Your vet can perform tests to diagnose allergic conditions, which may include examining the

skin for reactions to known allergens or testing the blood for the presence and levels of

allergen-specific antibodies.

So Untreated ear infections can lead to serious injury, including permanent hearing loss,

damaged blood vessels, or a ruptured eardrum. So Shaking violently and scratching at the

ears can also cause your pet’s ears to turn red and inflamed, which can increase your pet’s

discomfort. Sometimes more serious infections may require surgery.


Most ear infections can be treat and control with medications that include broad-spectrum

antibiotics. So While your vet may prescribe medication to treat a current attack and / or infection;

You will also take careful care combined with regular cleanings on your part to preserve

your pet’s ears and well-being.

Pet owners can help their pets avoid ear infections through ongoing preventive care at home.

Regular preventive care is especially important for pets that have droopy ears, have a lot of

hair in their ears, So or have allergies that make them prone to ear infections. A weekly ear cleaning

with a sterile ear cleaning solution can minimize or prevent infections. In addition, pets with a

lot of hair inside the ear muff should be wax at regular intervals by their owner, So groomer or

veterinarian. Remember that long-term preventive care and maintenance are essential to

ensure the overall health and well-being of your pet.

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