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Functional Behavior Analysis

Functional Behavior Analysis   Everyone’s behavior has been reinforced in some way over time; We rarely change behaviors with a single reinforcement experience. So Adults praise us when we are young, we gain social acceptance from our peers in adolescence, and employers reward adults with jobs, raises, and / or promotions. Our behaviors serve us,…
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Eliminate Unwanted Parrot Behaviors

Eliminate Unwanted Parrot Behaviors   This article discusses two methods of Eliminate behaviors; ‘Extinction’ and ‘replacement’. One is based on lack of training and the other on training. But first let’s see what exactly unwanted behavior is and where it comes from. Getting rid of the unwanted behavior should be a reasonable goal. For example,…
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Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification Techniques

Behavior Modification Techniques Behavior modification techniques come from psychotherapy approaches based on the foundations of operant conditioning proposed by B.F. Skinner. Theories of operant conditioning state that behavior can be shaped by reinforcement or not. Skinner presented effective conditioning for the general public in his 1938 book, The Behavior of Living Beings.   As a…
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Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis Explained

Applied Behavior Analysis Explained Applied Behavior Analysis – This is the belief in the idea that people with autism will respond better when rewarding the behavior, rather than completely ignoring it. ABA begins with an assessment, and this builds on 4 things: 1. Define the behavior problem in terms of behavior. 2. Take a baseline…
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