Zymox and Pet Ear Infections

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Zymox and Pet Ear Infections


Zymox optic is for the treatment of external ear infections in dogs and cats. It is manufacture by Pet King Brands, which also manufactures other Zymox products for a variety of pet disorders. I’ll tell you more about the other products in a moment, but first I’ll talk about a problem that affects many of our cat and dog friends, ear infections.

Ear infections can be a real problem and, if left entreat, can lead to other problems, even deafness. No loving pet owner would want this for their pet, but many pet owners dealing with a chronic ear infection in their pet’s ear know that it can take a long time, be frustrating, and quite a smelly job to clean an infected ear and use medication., sometimes 2-3 times a day.

Your dog will also not appreciate you poking his ear as he is likely sore and red

and is already bothering him, making the task even more difficult.

Here’s the good news!

Zymox Optic is specifically formulate for external ear infections cause by bacteria,

fungi, and yeast infections. v These are the most common types of ear infections in dogs

and cats. The product uses a completely natural solution of three enzymes that have

been shown to be extremely effective for this type of infection. So All you need to do is apply

the solution to the infected outer ear. The solution mixes with the infectious bacteria in

the ear and begins to kill invading bacteria, yeast, and fungi.

Pet Ear Infections

So Wondering if your dog or cat has an ear infection? If your pet pokes its head out,

shakes it frequently, and perhaps even burrows or scratches it a lot, So there is a change

in the possibility of an ear infection. It is always a good idea to have your vet check on

your pet to find out what is causing your pet’s irritation.

Now something about the Zymox Optic that I felt others would find interesting.

My dog ​​Brittney got a rash on her stomach. The rash was red and had small bumps.

So I tried treating her with over the counter medications for what I thought she was

ringworm because she apparently always stood in a circle. So I applied a cream and a

squirt twice a day. The rash would disappear in a few days only to reappear elsewhere.

I took Brittney to the vet and found out it was due to yeast infection. The vet gave me

a prescription and we left. So When I got home, I read the leaflet inside the box with the

medicine, which said it should be use for “external otitis”, So which are fungal infections of the outer ear.

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